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Le dd is the key to open the door of freedom; feel free, feel comfortable, feel barefoot at every moment of your day. Wearing Le dd is entering a world of lightness and comfort: just like feeling barefoot, but with the certainty of being protected.


From the need to convey a new, all-natural way of walking, come Le dd. The companions of that special moment when you take off your shoes and set your feet free. Light, breathable, antibacterial and ecological: these are the new experiences that take you closer to a primordial pleasure. Walking barefoot.


The peculiar fabric is designed to grant comfort and wellness to your feet and stands out as a great innovation conceived to achieve excellence. The Le dd products are ultra-light, machine washable, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, elastic, and at the same time very sustainable and resistant to inconvenient situations. It is certainly a must have for whoever is looking for design, wide colour range, and easiness to add to their wardrobe.

Indoor, Outdoor

Try them at any moment of your day. Indoor, outdoor, at work or whenever you want a moment to relax. In the train, driving your car, on a plane or during sailing, Le dd are your good companion. Whenever, wherever.